Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery refers to the use of a variety of techniques and lasers to treat spine disorders.

The disorders are mainly:

  1. Herniated Discs (HNP) or “slipped discs”
  2. Spinal foraminal stenosis a type of spondylosis
  3. Spinal tumors

The different types of Laser Spine Surgery may include:

  1. Percutaneous Laser Discoplasty, Disectomy or Nucleoplasty (PLD, PLN)
  2. Percutaneous Endoscopic Laser Discetomy (PELD)
  3. Percutaneous Endoscopic Laser Foraminoplasty (PELF)
  4. Microsurgical Laser Disectomy
  5. Microsurgical Laser Discoplasty
  6. Microsurgical Laser Nuleoplasty
  7. Microsurgical Laser Spinal Tumor Resection

There are several different types of Laser systems that include:

  1. Holmium Lasers
  2. Thulium Lasers
  3. Nd-Yag Lasers
  4. CO2 Lasers

There are also some new “Super Lasers” (Potentially superior to Laser Energy devices) that can be used that include:

  1. Plasma Energy
  2. EMF-PAL Energy

In general the use of Laser spine surgery in a minimally invasive fashion  allows spine surgery to be done quickly , often as a day procedure with return home the same day, frequently with no stitches required because of the small openings, much less pain and post-operative discomfort, and lower surgical exposure risks. These treatments can also be quite effective for treating a variety of spine disorders.


Laser types


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